About Stephen Easley

Support Contribute Elect Stephen EasleyDr. Stephen Easley is a knowledgable, experienced community member who understands and cares for our shared  family values. The owner of his own information technology (IT) services company for 17 years, Easley worked for the state government as the State Deputy Chief Information Officer (top-level IT executive), as well as the Chief Information Officer for the New Mexico Departments of Homeland Security, Public Safety, and Workforce Development & Training.  He testified frequently before legislative committees and worked closely with state lawmakers to write and pass  numerous pieces of legislation during this period.

Prior to owning and operating his business, Easley worked for 20 years as a biological research scientist and professor  at New Mexico State University, the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, and Purdue University, where he earlier completed his undergraduate education in Spanish Language and Literature. He also has a master's degree and PhD in biological anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis.

Community Leadership
Easley and his wife of 38 years, Sue, have two grown daughters that were both raised in New Mexico. Easley and his family lived in Alamogordo for many years, where he served as an elected City Commissioner from 2000-2003. As a life-long Democrat, he is also an active contributor to several community boards, clubs, and organizations, such as the Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation, the Santa Fe Mayor's Telecommunications Advisory Committee, and the Downtown Santa Fe Rotary Club. Above all, Easley has a genuine love and concern for all people and will be deeply committed to serving the residents of House District 50.


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